After a long time of consideration, Ian and I have decided to go travelling for a bit. Since Ian came back from Kenya, he understandably wants to see more of the world. I travel a bit for work but never actually get to enjoy a place because I’m too busy working! So it would be nice to stop and actually experience different cultures. You probably think we’re crazy/stupid but we thought we’d try our best to explain. Here’s the short version – Sell house – Rent for a bit – Buy new place – Go travelling – Come back – Go back to work .

If you happen to have an Aunty Sue that has a spare room in New Orleans that she doesn’t mind us staying in for a few nights, we’ll be nice and give her some bourbon for her trouble…Seriously though, to all those lovely Kiwis, Aussies and Americans we’ve met over the years, you know you said we could stay anytime? Well, that time is approaching! Plus Ian is really tidy and I can cook, so it’s a win win really…

If you’ve got any useful travel gear gathering dust in your loft, please let us know. We’re not going backpacking (we’re at the age where we like proper beds and peace and quiet), more suit-casing really, so whatever you lend us should still be intact when we get back.

Oh and one more thing, I expect we will have a party in Tonbridge before we go. You’re all invited.

Love ya

Greer and Ian