Ambling around Amsterdam

Cafe Amsterdam

I recently took Ian on a surprise birthday trip to Amsterdam. There’s a lot to do in a relatively small city, so I thought I’d share a couple of fabulous hangouts in the city.

Cafe Amsterdam

Despite the incredibly touristy name, this cafe/restaurant/bar is an absolute gem. We took a taxi out from our hotel (which I will mention later) as we didn’t have a clue how to get to Watertorenplein 6, and I doubt I’d be able to find it again without help. The taxi driver dropped us off and pointed down a dodgy dark alleyway in what can only be described as a mid rise council estate. So far, so scary. A minute later we were greeted by a door to a renovated industrial pumping station! Some might say I have a slight obsession with industrial interiors, so I freaked out a little just started pointing at everything! It’s just so well done. Oh and the food is beautiful too. Mix that with a friendly crowd, a huge bar and a corner with a sneaky pool table and you could quite happily stay there for days. The menu is pretty standard european fare, but when you think you can’t eat anymore, have a chocolate truffle, they’re amazing.

Skybar Floor 17 – Ramada Apollo Amsterdam

I’ve been lucky enough to stay in this hotel a few times. It’s by the side of Vondelpark, which is also just beside one of the tram routes out from the centre of Amsterdam (approx. 15 max I reckon). This means you get away from the hustle, bustle and funny fags, and yet are still close to the action.

The outside of the hotel is damn ugly and almost brutalist. Don’t let this put you off.

Ramada Apollo Amsterdam

 The bedrooms are relatively pared back and very comfy.

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Neither the building or the bedrooms prepare you for the Sky Bar!

The bar provides an excellent spot for people watching, dancing to some deep house and most importantly, looking at the view across the whole of Amsterdam!

The View from Floor 17

The View from Floor 17

Would happily stay there again and spend far too much money supping champagne and gazing out the window.

For more info on Cafe Amsterdam, check out their site here.

For more info on the Ramada Apollo and the fabulous Floor 17, check out their site here.