Leaving on a jet plane


We have a very rough plan for our (first) round the world trip, and an even rougher idea of how much the flights might cost.

Here’s the first flight plan:

  • London > Chicago > Make own way to San Francisco
  • San Francisco > Auckland
  • Auckland > Perth > make own way to Sydney (with lots of other bits in between)
  • Sydney > Tokyo
  • Tokyo > Hong Kong (purely to get visas)
  • Hong Kong to…er…somewhere in China (really unsure what we’re doing in China just yet)
  • Beijing > Bangkok
  • Bangkok > London

There was a small extra idea of popping to India, but might not include that this time round.

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Lovely Lisbon


So today we’re off to Amora, just outside Lisbon. It’s a celebration of the lovely Lisa’s 40th birthday. Thing is, when we all agreed to go, I’m not sure any of us really took notice of just what we were getting into. Lisa and Gary arrived on yesterday and called yesterday to let us know the palace was awesome. Palace?! Well, here it is in all it’s glory. Obviously I’m secretly hoping for a circular bed…

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We speak no Americano

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Despite working for an American company, being sent to America for work and watching lots of American TV shows, I can confidently say that I know next to nothing useful about America! This is probably because American history doesn’t actually appear on the school curriculum until at least A-Level, if at all.

So when we said that we wanted to go on an American roadtrip, Ian and I got all excited! Then realised we had absolutely no idea where to go, what to do and how long it might take.

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