Leaving on a jet plane


We have a very rough plan for our (first) round the world trip, and an even rougher idea of how much the flights might cost.

Here’s the first flight plan:

  • London > Chicago > Make own way to San Francisco
  • San Francisco > Auckland
  • Auckland > Perth > make own way to Sydney (with lots of other bits in between)
  • Sydney > Tokyo
  • Tokyo > Hong Kong (purely to get visas)
  • Hong Kong to…er…somewhere in China (really unsure what we’re doing in China just yet)
  • Beijing > Bangkok
  • Bangkok > London

There was a small extra idea of popping to India, but might not include that this time round.

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We speak no Americano

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Despite working for an American company, being sent to America for work and watching lots of American TV shows, I can confidently say that I know next to nothing useful about America! This is probably because American history doesn’t actually appear on the school curriculum until at least A-Level, if at all.

So when we said that we wanted to go on an American roadtrip, Ian and I got all excited! Then realised we had absolutely no idea where to go, what to do and how long it might take.

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