Like our Facebook Page!


Despite the fact that I increasingly hate Facebook (for lots of reasons I won’t bore you with), it definitely seems to still be the communication medium of choice. So, we’ve launched a Facebook page!

All our blog posts will automatically appear as posts on the page, so now all you have to do is like it and links to posts will appear In your Facebook feed. Clever eh?!

For the miserable bastards amongst you, if you don’t like it (boooo), that means you won’t get bombarded with photos of far flung places over the next 6 months. You might get a sense of something missing, a deep longing in your heart…

Oh and if you could tell your friends to make us look popular, that’d be awesome.


Leaving on a jet plane


We have a very rough plan for our (first) round the world trip, and an even rougher idea of how much the flights might cost.

Here’s the first flight plan:

  • London > Chicago > Make own way to San Francisco
  • San Francisco > Auckland
  • Auckland > Perth > make own way to Sydney (with lots of other bits in between)
  • Sydney > Tokyo
  • Tokyo > Hong Kong (purely to get visas)
  • Hong Kong to…er…somewhere in China (really unsure what we’re doing in China just yet)
  • Beijing > Bangkok
  • Bangkok > London

There was a small extra idea of popping to India, but might not include that this time round.

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