Hotel Marignan – All style, no substance.

Hotel Marignan facade

I had to go to Paris on business earlier this month and we thought that we’d combine the trip with an extra night for our 7th wedding anniversary.

Having scoured the Internet for something suitably luxurious, I happened upon the 5 star Hotel Marignan. The website was fabulous and the good reviews plentiful, so I went ahead and made the booking. The supposedly pre-paid in full booking (I’ll come back to that later).


So we popped over to Paris on the Eurostar after work on the Monday evening and arrived at the hotel about 9pm. Check in was swift, we freshened up in our tiny ‘Premiere Room’ and went back down to the restaurant within 10 mins. Somehow, in that very small time period the restaurant had shut down for the evening, leaving me quite annoyed as I felt the new closing time probably could have been mentioned during check in!

The general manager and bellhop then proceeded to furnish us with recommendations of 2 restaurants, the overpriced l’Avenue (frequented by Kanye West and the like) and a charming looking place called EntrecĂ´te. We were getting a little tired by this point, so opted for charm over pretentiousness.

Oh dear. Bad decision. Bloody awful evening ruiner.

For some reason I assumed that ordering a steak in a French restaurant would be fail proof, but boy was I wrong! Never again. Tough steak (mine was medium rare), terrible wine (think bargain bucket, local shop swill) and brisk service. I can include liken it to a really bad Garfunkels.

We thought that things could not get any worse and that we’d round off the evening with a nightcap in the hotel bar.

Guess what?! The bar was only bloody shut by now aswell! Even the GM was surprised. As a result we ended up in bed grumpy, with some warm leftover train wine.

Upon checkout I was asked to pay the full amount for the room. I was rather surprised by this as I picked a pre pay in full at time of booking rate. Cue frantic bank account reading. Turned out, according to idiotic GM, this was perfectly normal and that they never take any money until checkout! Not good for personal budgeting is it!

Hubby and I then went our separate ways, him back home and me onto my next hotel, the Hotel Malte Opera…

Good points

  • The room, although small was perfectly formed.
  • Shower was powerful.
Bad points
  • Idiotic staff
  • Bar and restaurant shut way earlier than advertised
  • Staff clearly know nothing about restaurants in the surrounding area
  • Glass lift (they always make me shudder)

Needless to say, it’s a tricky to review a hotel when most of its shut leaving a bunch of incompetents behind.

Score 2 out of 5

  • Style
  • Substance