New Zealand in a nutshell


So, we left England on Sunday 29th November and arrived in New Zealand on Tuesday 2nd December. We lost a day on the way somewhere due to the time difference but it really didn’t matter. We were both pretty tired by the time we landed in Auckland but luckily our lovely friends April and Pete picked us up from the airport and immediately made us feel welcome. We managed to stay awake until the afternoon and even managed a trip to the city after our hosts had gone off to work. Surprisingly we went to the pub! Continue reading

Starting in style


We packed like travellers, with collapsible pint glasses, a Swiss army knife and flip flops, all squeezed into brand new backpacks. We wore our comfy travelling clothes ( much needed for the 29 hours in flight ahead) and some might say we looked scruffy enough to be the part.

Then we entered the No1 lounge! It might have been 10am but the wine was included and there were croissaints…Obviously we did not expect the rest of the trip to be like this, but thought that we might as well start out with a little treat. Continue reading

There will be blog…

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Long story short, I’ve been ill since before we left Auckland a week ago! Good job we’re not sleeping in dorms as I’m sure we would have been kicked out due to the noise from my hacking cough. No need for an outpouring of sympathy though. I will be just fine once I finished this lovely bottle of hallucinogenic cough medicine (pharmacists words, not mine).

Before I return to blogging form though, I will leave you with this.

Ian trying The Haka

Ian trying The Haka!

Happy in Hamburg

An elephant trampling a car at the circus

Thanks to the lovely Ty and Marija, we got to visit Hamburg a few weekends back.

Marija and Ty in Hamburg

The lovely Marija and Ty. (Hamburg Harbour is cold! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise…)

As we’ve been busy packing, faffing about getting visas and sorting a party out, I’m going to make this a short and sweet post.

Hamburg rocks (not a Beatles references by the way, as I couldn’t care less), it has awesome food, people and attractions. But if you ever go to Hamburg there is one thing you must absolutely do without question. Visit the Miniatur Wunderland model railway! I am being completely serious. It’s the biggest model railway in the entire world and it’s number 1 on Trip Advisor, so it must be awesome right?  Continue reading

Like our Facebook Page!


Despite the fact that I increasingly hate Facebook (for lots of reasons I won’t bore you with), it definitely seems to still be the communication medium of choice. So, we’ve launched a Facebook page!

All our blog posts will automatically appear as posts on the page, so now all you have to do is like it and links to posts will appear In your Facebook feed. Clever eh?!

For the miserable bastards amongst you, if you don’t like it (boooo), that means you won’t get bombarded with photos of far flung places over the next 6 months. You might get a sense of something missing, a deep longing in your heart…

Oh and if you could tell your friends to make us look popular, that’d be awesome.