New Zealand in a nutshell


So, we left England on Sunday 29th November and arrived in New Zealand on Tuesday 2nd December. We lost a day on the way somewhere due to the time difference but it really didn’t matter. We were both pretty tired by the time we landed in Auckland but luckily our lovely friends April and Pete picked us up from the airport and immediately made us feel welcome. We managed to stay awake until the afternoon and even managed a trip to the city after our hosts had gone off to work. Surprisingly we went to the pub! Continue reading

Starting in style


We packed like travellers, with collapsible pint glasses, a Swiss army knife and flip flops, all squeezed into brand new backpacks. We wore our comfy travelling clothes ( much needed for the 29 hours in flight ahead) and some might say we looked scruffy enough to be the part.

Then we entered the No1 lounge! It might have been 10am but the wine was included and there were croissaints…Obviously we did not expect the rest of the trip to be like this, but thought that we might as well start out with a little treat. Continue reading

Leaving on a jet plane


We have a very rough plan for our (first) round the world trip, and an even rougher idea of how much the flights might cost.

Here’s the first flight plan:

  • London > Chicago > Make own way to San Francisco
  • San Francisco > Auckland
  • Auckland > Perth > make own way to Sydney (with lots of other bits in between)
  • Sydney > Tokyo
  • Tokyo > Hong Kong (purely to get visas)
  • Hong Kong to…er…somewhere in China (really unsure what we’re doing in China just yet)
  • Beijing > Bangkok
  • Bangkok > London

There was a small extra idea of popping to India, but might not include that this time round.

Continue reading