Top Tips for Lisbon

The View from the Top, Lisbon

Having spent the week in this fabulous mansion for the lovely Lisa’s birthday, we’re surprised that we summoned up the energy to leave it at all.

The mansion, Amora, Lisbon

Seriously, look at the place. Even the pool was dreamy.

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Our big day out

But venture into Lisbon we did. Twice! The first day was spent wandering around aimlessly (no change there then) but the second day was a little more organised. The public transport to and from Amora into Lisbon is pretty efficient, trains leaving every 20 minutes or so, arriving right in the centre at Sete Rios. There four metro lines that will take you all over Lisbon, but we decided to make our way to old town in the south. There’s quite a pleasant walk that takes you down through the square at Restauradores, past a large amount of shops and the fabulous old trams, arriving at Terreiro do Paço (otherwise known as Praça do Comércio). The huge square overlooks the Tagus river and is lined with numerous bars and restaurants and the usual street entertainment.

Praça do Comércio

After settling at a place with good Sangria, we struggled to move on and fit in some culture in the form of the lofty Castelo de Sao Jorge. I say lofty as despite it being slap bang in the centre of Lisbon, it’s up a whacking great hill. There is apparently a tram that goes all the way up, but we managed to pick the one time the tram was broken! After making our way up the mountain hill, we found that entry to the castle is technically free, but the viewing platform to see across the whole of Lisbon is €7.50. Luckily there is a free view just around the corner.

The View from the Top, Lisbon

Our mansion host Miguel recommended that we try out the Sky Bar at the Tivoli hotel, so we ambled back down the hill and then walked back up past Restauradores and arrived here.

Sky Bar, Tivoli Hotel, Lisbon

The bar was as much as you’d expect. Fairly expensive cocktails, glamorous waitresses and very slow service (blame the bar staff, not the waitresses). I’d definitely return, hopefully more appropriate dressed (we all looked like dirty tourists, especially the boys) hopefully when it’s warm and with a lot more money! I do love a good view and hope to visit many more rooftop bars on our trip later in the year.

The boys at the Sky Bar, Tivoli Hotel, Lisbon

They might be a bunch of posers, but they’re our bunch of posers!

The Mansion

Lisa managed to find this beautiful place in Amora, just outside of Lisbon, complete with 5 double bedrooms, massive kitchen, lounge, office, pool, games room…

Good points

  • All the bedrooms are massive
  • The games room is a totally inadequate name for what is actually a function room with it’s own bar, kitchen sounds system, sofas, tables, chairs, table tennis and table football.
  • There are lemon trees scattered around the grounds with lemons bigger than the size of your head.
  • Miguel is the best host ever. Helpful to the end, happy to run you into town or lend you one of his cars, full of suggestions of things do to. Oh and he’s a 27 year old pilot who happened to win the Portuguese Open when he was 16. And he’s a really nice bloke. Hate him obvs.
  • 8 of us shared, which left an entire bedroom spare and it still only worked out at £26 per person per night!

Bad points

  • By sharing all this with the world, the place is going to get booked up pretty damn quick, so I’m reluctant to post this post at all.
  • Er, that’s it.

The place is lovely, you’d be daft not to book it. Check out the mansion here.